Accurate Valuations

Pickles Mining provide valuations and commercial advice to various banks and financiers, accounting and insolvency practitioners, multinational companies, and government departments.
We have a successful network and in-house team to facilitate large projects in a timely and efficient manner. This is coupled with a strategic understanding of site requirements with full induction and access, and strong communication with the key stakeholders at each location ensuring efficiencies on site.


In order to perform valuations, our valuers must have passed the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) exam successfully. Pickles Mining uses this metric due to USPAP’s reputation as a trusted valuer’s qualification that is used internationally to establish high standards on valuations that are concise, accurate, bias-free, and without contingent fees.


Due to our global network, Pickles Mining understands on a very specific level which market needs a certain piece of equipment at that given time. We are willing to travel to value equipment if needed and always seek to provide the greatest return for our clients through our global network of buyers. Pickles Mining is a Panel Valuer for companies such as Australia New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ), Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), and National Australia Bank (NAB).

The Pickles Mining team aims to deliver the best return for our clients by creating trusted marketplaces and relationships with simplicity and expertise.  

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